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Now Introducing Bandmates Inspiration Volume 1.

License: Comercialware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 0K
Developer: SonicEmulations, Inc
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Price: $99.00
Updated: 12 May 2006
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Now Introducing Bandmates Inspiration Volume 1. Tried the Bandmates Demo loops and want to move up to the real thing? Are you not able to download easily? Looking for a serious Apple loops collection that can actually stand the test of time? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, we have an easy solution- our massive new Bandmates Inspiration Volume 1 DVD!

Bandmates Inspiration Volume 1 DVD features all current Bandmates releases through January '05 and extends further for a grand total of over 1000 fully unique, world-class loops including: Acoustic Loops 232 Acoustic Drum Loops 106 Acoustic Guitar Loops 19 Acoustic Bass Loops Electric and Keyboard Loops 89 Keyboard Loops 66 Electric Guitar Loops 71 Electric Bass Loops Synth and Electronic Loops 296 Electronic Drum Loops 219 Synth Loops Percussion and FX Loops 81 Percussion Loops 45 Sound FX As all fine Bandmates products, Inspiration Volume 1 DVD features: Live professional performances (not multisampled MIDI instruments) for excellent sonic detail. Excellent versatility. Outstanding sound quality Turbocharge the creative process today with Bandmates Inspiration Volume 1.

Garageband (iLife 04 or 05)
Logic/Logic Express 7.x.

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