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Auction Hunter is a native Cocoa application for OS X, built to make your life easier on eBay.

License: Demo
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 2833K
Developer: PowerSolutions S.r.l.
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Updated: 30 Nov 2006
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Auction Hunter is a native Cocoa application for OS X, built to make your life easier on eBay. It allows you to monitor auctions that you are interested in bidding on, or that you would like to simply observe and store for future reference.

Here are some key features of "Auction Hunter":
Automatic bidding and sniping tools, that let you set your snipe amount for an item you like, so that Auction Hunter will place the bid with eBay until just a few seconds before the auction ends. This allows you to not attract attention to the auction, causing price to go up. You can also easily cancel or change the snipe when you like, before the auction ends, not risk anything.
Searching tools, that automatically let you to save and run the same searches on eBay, storing the results in user defined folders. You can also specify a time interval to be used to periodically run the searches. If new items are found, Auction Hunter will change the folder color, so you immediately know there is something new. New added items are also highlighted in yellow!
Thanks to a built-in powerful database, Auction Hunter allows you to store thousands of auction listings (with thumbnails too!) so you can search through all saved items and what they sold for, even for past auctions no longer available on eBay. If you like, you can also save the full content of  the item’s web page, and open it later with Safari for future references.
Auction Hunter periodically updates the information about the auctions you are interested in, and let you know at first sight what is going on, due to the use of colors and bold typeface. For example, a red line says that the auction received no bids or that reserve price is not met, while a black line means that the auction will sell, but not to you. A green line says that you are the high bidder. A line in bold face font, instead, means that you placed a bid on that item. Colors and bold typeface are combined to provide all possible auction status.
Auction Hunter provides support for all international eBay sites, and also automatically updates all the categories when you launch the application.
If you have more than one eBay user IDs, for example one for your hobby and one for work, you can use them at the same time!

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