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AttendView provides many features and can provide your company significant savings in payroll costs.

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Updated: 12 Jul 2006
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AttendView provides many features and can provide your company significant savings in payroll costs.

Various time reports can be generated including daily totals, weekly totals, and excessive hours time report.  The reports can be generated for one employee, a group of employees or for a department.

Employees may leave public messages to inform others about his/her location.  Employees with a message posted will have an asterisk by their names in the AttendView Timeclock display.  Others may click on the Employees name to see the message.

Here are some key features of "AttendView":
Network Support - Supports network operation with multiple AttendView Timeclock stations and multiple sites using AttendView tools simultaneously.
Reporting - Various reports can be generated, including detailed time reports, daily totals reports, weekly totals time reports, and department totals time reports.
Vacation & Sick Time - Track Vacation, Sick time as well as time spent on different jobs by each employee.
Clock Data Editing - Allows editing of the time data (by administrators with time data edit permission).
MS Access Compatible - The data is stored in MS Access format. This format can be used by Access (2002, 2 and 97) and many other applications.
Import Icons - Icons can be selected or imported for each department and/or employee.
Export Function - Export function can be used to export data to a CSV file.
PC-based solution - eliminates need for expensive timeclock hardware.
Compatible with Card Readers - Can be used with magnetic stripe or bar code readers.
Employees can leave messages - An asterisk appears next to the employee?s name after leaving a message. Messages can be viewed by clicking on the name of an employee.
Outside Work Status - Outside Work button allows employees to clock in with an Outside Work status. This indicates that he/she is working outside the facility.
Sounds and Animation - Clock in and out sounds and animations can be configured and imported.
Employee Report - Report button allows employees to create a Daily or Detailed report of their own time data.
Time Synchronization - Time can be synchronized to a time server when an employee clocks in or out. Computers stay synchronized and employees are deterred from cheating the timeclock.

30 days trial.

What's New:
New client server model: The AttendView server provides status to the AttendView Clock clients and receives clock in/out requests.
Low bandwidth requirement: AVClock can even be used over a dialup connection
Deters Cheating: The chance of employees cheating is reduced because the clock in/out is performed by the server
Automatic Database Backup, Purge and Compress: The AttendView server can be configured to periodically backup, purge and compress the employee data.

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