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ASCII (Pronounced ASKEEEE) stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange.

License: Freeware
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Updated: 21 Jul 2005
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ASCII (Pronounced ASKEEEE) stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange. ASCII is a code for representing characters as numbers so that they can be stored in a computers memory.

For example, uppercase "A" would be stored as 65. Before ASCII, most computers had their own codes for storing letters. This made it difficult to exhange data between computers.

For example, computer number one represents the letter A as 42 and computer number two represents the letter Q as 42, then when a text file was transferred from computer number one to computer number two, all of the A's would be replaced with Q's.

ASCII was proposed and accepted as a standard code for representing characters, which allowed computers to transfer text with each other. This made email possible.

Developers often need to find out the ASCII value of a character, or vice versa, and we were tired of searching for one of the many ASCII character tables that are in books or on print outs. We decided that it would be quicker and easier to have a small utility to turn to for this information.

ASCII Tools contains four windows. The main window contains an ASCII character table with values in decimal and hexadecimal, as well as quick conversion utilities for ASCII value to character, and ASCII character to value.

The developers found that if they were working on something that required us to turn to this utility many times, it would be easier if they had the utilities in global windows so that they would not have to keep switching between applications.

By selecting "Show Global Windows" from the "Windows" menu, you can have access to all of the features of ASCII tools from within your current application. No more switching back and forth.

Here are some key features of "ASCII Tools":
Simple, easy to use interface.
ASCII number to character converter.
Character to ASCII number converter.
ASCII character, hexadecimal value, and decimal value table.
Global floating windows for easy access while in other applications.

CarbonLib 1.2.5 or later.

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