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Aquaruler is a very powerful screen measuring utility with a wide variety of features.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
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Developer: dot software
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Updated: 10 Feb 2006
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Aquaruler is a very powerful screen measuring utility with a wide variety of features.

Aquaruler measures in a variety of units. It can be useful to all sorts of designers, programmers, and other people whom use their mac for productive purposes.

Aquaruler sports powerful rulers that reside on the top and left edges of your monitor. The 'edge' ruler can be hidden with the click of a mouse. Among other features of the edge ruler are the ability to show the value of the ruler position and/or have a dotted line represent the ruler position. The edge ruler is also semi-transparent so it does not obstruct what you can see on the screen.

Aquaruler's semi-transparent measure box allows you to measure rectangular objects for correct sizing quickly and easily. The measure box also measure diagonally from the bottom left corner to the top right corner allowing you to make point to point measurements- a feature unique to Aquaruler, and not found in any other screen measuring utility.

Anyone that develops for the web knows that it is important to have web sites compatible with other resolutions. The most popular resolution used to browse the web is 800 x 600. You can use the resolution box to give you a viewing 'window' that is that size so you know that your web site displays properly at that resolution.

When the edge ruler is not precision enough, you can open up the drag ruler. The drag ruler is drag gable around the screen and has an optional vertical ruler attached to it. It also sports buttons to move it 1 pixel in any direction. To make measuring even easier you can easily set the transparency of the drag ruler.

These ever so useful lines have a very small footprint. They are great for measuring distances. Aquaruler has an unlimited number of screen guide lines which can have their color changed. One can also tell distances between two of the same oriented lines. Screen guide lines can be used for more than measuring! They can be used to align objects while you are designing too! This handy little tool has countless possibilities.

The zoom feature magnifies the area around the mouse cursor. The zoom is very versatile as it can have it's magnification and viewing area changed. To make the zoom feature even more useful, it shows the color that is underneath the mouse cursor. The color is displayed as RGB, web color, and nearest web safe color.

The zap ruler allows you to make two types of measurements very quickly. All you have to do is press "control-shift" or hit a button and you can measure with the zap ruler. The zap ruler itself allows you to measure a straight distance from one point to another, and tells you the exact distance! To make the zap ruler even better, you can hold shift and measure a rectangular area.

The angle tool is optimized for drawing at selected angles. However, it can be used to measure angles. It's color can be changed, but the darkness varies depending on the color where the tool is displayed. This tool can be shown when one clicks the mouse, or when one clicks the mouse and holds a key.

Here are some key features of "Aquaruler":
Edge Ruler
A ruler that sits on the edge of your screen
Mouse XY Display
The coordinates of your mouse relative to a selected point
Drag Ruler
A draggable horizontal and vertical ruler
Measure Box
Measure Rectangular Objects
Resolution Box
Simulate other screen resolutions
Screen Guide Lines
Measure and align objects
Full Screen Crosshair
A screen wide and high crosshair
Customizable DPI
Make Aquaruler accurate with off screen rulers
Magnify and find colors
Zap Ruler
Measure point to point
Angle Tool
Measure angles
Measure close up and far away.

What's New:
Color under mouse in zoom can now be shown as RGB percentage, RGB value, RGB hex, and web safe hex
Zoom can now be locked around a point on the screen
Mouse indicator in zoom is now a small square
Resolution box can now have a smaller resolution box nested inside it
Resolution box less intrusive
Interface improvements on resolution box.

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