Anubis Freecell 1.0.9 review

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This shareware program is a popular solitare game.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 1803K
Developer: Anubis Inc.
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Price: $5.00
Updated: 31 Mar 2006
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This shareware program is a popular solitare game.

The object of Freecell is to play all 52 cards onto four piles (one pile of each suit) in the upper right of the screen, starting with the ace of each suit, and continuing with the two, three, etc., up to the king of each suit. Any ace which is free (not covered by another card) can be moved to one of the homecell spaces at the upper right. 

The Top left four spots are holding cells or "freecells". You may put any single card into them at any time. Legal moves on the main board must opposite color and one less in value.

A demo version of Anubis Freecell will only allow you to play 5 unique deals.
All 5 of these deals are solvable. They are the same 5 deals not matter how many times you download the software. This should allow you enough playing time to decide if you like the interface.

What's New:
Add folder import for jpg images on cards.

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