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AE Monitor allows Mac OS X developers to capture, analyze, and recreate Apple Events.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 2759K
Developer: Oxalyn Software
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Updated: 22 Jun 2006
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AE Monitor allows Mac OS X developers to capture, analyze, and recreate Apple Events.
Users can examine the internal workings of each event and create source code to replicate the event from their applications.

Many development environments are supported, including REALbasic, Perl, Tcl, and any environment that can use the AEBuild() command with an AEGizmo string. Additionally, AE Monitor can create native REALbasic code to send Apple Events.

Here are some key features of "AE Monitor":
Monitor Apple Event activity for individual applications, or turn on session-wide monitoring to catch all events. Events are grouped according to their sequence; i.e., a reply to an event is grouped with the original event.
Create source code to send a captured Apple Event from your application. Supported languages include Perl, tcl, REALbasic, AppleScript, and any language that can call the AEBuild() function.
Code for REALbasic can be created in two formats: using the native REALbasic Apple Event support, or by using an AEGizmo string and the AEBuild() Declare.
Drag and drop event data and generated code to your editor of choice; option-drag events to REALbasic and create Methods right in the code editor! Four modifier key options allow you to export in different formats by pressing the shift and option keys.
Event Rules allow you to take actions based on any number of criteria:
Minimize the monitor window to a small ticker window to save screen real estate while still observing AE traffic.
Event Filtering lets you specify which events you want to see
Limit event listings to only the most recent events, reducing clutter. Use the "pin' on events to prevent them from being deleted as new events are logged.

demo version expires after 30 day trial

What's New:
REALbasic code filter now creates correct code for property records
Fixes problem with truncated event classes and IDs
Minor cosmetic update.

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