Adobe Source Libraries 1.0.23 review

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For those of you in the C++ development community, Adobe Systems has just reopened opensource.

License: Freeware
OS: Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
File size: 1460K
Developer: Adobe Systems, Inc.
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Updated: 08 Jan 2007
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For those of you in the C++ development community, Adobe Systems has just reopened
In it you will find a slew of free software that culminates in two libraries: Eve, a dialog auto-layout engine, and Adam, a command parameter modeling engine to manage the complex behaviors of modern-day dialogs.
There's also an app called Adobe Begin which demonstrates the two technologies (currently for the Mac only). It is claimed in the library overview that the techonology could solve as much as 40% of major Adobe application bugs (sic)!

And now it's available to the open source community for free!

What's New:
Adam (property_model):
API names are being refactored to reflect a model-centric view of the MVC system
Rename set_model_value to attach_setter
Rename monitor to set_model_value
Deferring token initialization to first use (removing from static time)
Using external polymorphism (view_t) for views instead of using signals

FLTK support has been dropped
Changed the type of the lex and the xml parser to take unsigned char* pointers instead of char*; this permits std::isspace, et al, to work without needing a cast
Adding const declarations to file_slurp's empty() and size()
Added adobe/localization.hpp, a resource registrar/provider of localization strings

Adding adobe::debounce_t as a general standalone header
Fix for win32 image_t implementation to get the new targa code working
Fix for bug 1533374: Icons not drawing properly
Fix for bug 1533440: empty_containers tab group not wide enough
Fix for bug 1533240: Win32 Clicking in page of trackbar breaks inequality example
Fixing up edit_number handling when not bound to any item
adobe::popup_t has been pulled from client_assembler and put into its own set of standalone sources
Fix for bug 1530593: text wrap broken in win32
Created adobe/future/carbon, a directory with some utilities that came out of the widgets work that might be useful elsewhere.
Moving carbon event handler to adobe/future/carbon
Altering adobe::labelt_t::name_m on win32 so it measures properly
Transparent scrubby sliders for Carbon edit_number fields. We still need to be able to specify the min, init and max bounds in the eve definition, though
Added increment support for edit_number widgets via the arrow keys (specified by increment in the eve declaration)

Moved multimedia GIL documeentation to the //media/... depot.

darwin gcc 3.3.x or later (gcc 4 [Tiger] supported with XCode 2.2 and the Universal SDK).

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