3D Maker X 3.5.0 review

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3D Maker allows you to take a picture and apply one of many 3D filters to it.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 4124K
Developer: Sandy Knoll Software
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Updated: 15 Mar 2006
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3D Maker allows you to take a picture and apply one of many 3D filters to it. These filters include drop-shadows, an emboss filter, multiple anaglyph (3D glasses) filters and the ability to create stereograms. Anaglyphs can be made from one picture or two.
3D Maker can also be used to create 3D shapes from pictures.

These shapes can then be rotated, scaled and positioned as needed. These shapes include spheres, a cube, cone, and flag. Also includes the ability to extrude specific parts of a picture.

3D Maker can also be used to modify 3DMFs. You can pull out, swap or replace the different colors and textures found in 3DMFs. 3D Maker can add 3D text to an image. 3D Maker can also be used to manipulate your pictures with other filters as well. Some of these additional filters are: Blur, Sharpen, Mosaic, Neon Edges, Diffuse, Gradients, Rotations, Sizing and more.

Here are some key features of "3D Maker":
Create Stereograms
3D Glasses Filter – Anaglyphs
Single or dual frame Anaglyphs
Create 3DMF objects or images with 3d effects
Create 3DMF Cubes
Create 3DMF Spheres
Create 3DMF Cones
Deform images into 3DMF Objects
3D Animated Flags
Add 3D Text to images
Emboss Filter for images
Drop Shadows
Lasso and Pen tools for making selections easy.
Plus many more miscellaneous image filters.
Swap or extract 3DMF colors and textures
Use a depth map for making 3d Stereograms
Anaglyph depth manipulation

What's New:
Added a 3D cube filter that will let you apply up to 6 different pictures. One picture to each side.
Significant speed improvements for the animated flag.
Added the ability to import a photo from iPhoto.

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