24U SimpleDialog Plug-In 2.7.1 review

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License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 0K
Developer: 24U s.r.o.
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Price: $48.00
Updated: 07 Dec 2004
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.24U SimpleDialog Plug-In is a dialog-showing plug-in that allows you to display progress bars and almost arbitrary dialog boxes combining text, passwords, check boxes, radio buttons, pop-up menus, etc. as easy as the standard Show Message and Status CurrentMessageChoice) but much more powerful.

Custom dialogs with up to 5 buttons
Input fields of the type text, password, checkbox, radio button, pop-up menu
Unlimited number of input fields and pop-up menu items
Multiple progress dialogs with text messages
Indefinite progress indicators (barber pole)
Customizable dialog title, position, width, icon, and timeout
Validation of any text field with a regular expression
Optical optimization (dynamic sizing of dialogs)
Compatibility with FileMaker Pro 4 through 7
Compatibility with Troi Dialog's syntax for progress dialogs
Auto Update savvy (24U Plug-In Autoinstaller included)

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