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WindowDragon allows windows to be dragged by clicking anywhere on their structures.

License: Freeware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 171K
Developer: Tim Conkling
Price: $0.00
Updated: 23 Aug 2005
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WindowDragon allows windows to be dragged by clicking anywhere on their structures. It also allows all of an application's windows to be dragged in tandem.

WindowDragon is configured from the APE Manager preference pane. To access the WindowDragon configuration window, choose System Preferences from the Apple Menu, click on the APE Manager icon, and choose WindowDragon from the Application Enhancers list on the left side of the window.

Clicking the "Drag Anywhere" checkbox toggles the feature on and off. To set the desired mouse and modifier key combination to be used for Drag Anywhere functionality, hold the modifiers down and click the box next to the "Drag Anywhere" text with the appropriate mouse button. The box will be updated to reflect your new settings.

Clicking the "Bring Window to Front" checkbox allows you to toggle between WindowDragon's two window dragging behaviors. If "Bring Window to Front" is enabled, the window that is being dragged will become the front window. If the feature is turned off, the window will not be brought forward. Holding down the command key while using "Drag Anywhere" will use the alternate behavior.

The "Drag All" feature is similar to "DragAnywhere" except that it allows you to drag all of an application's windows at once.

What's New:
WindowDragon is out of beta, which means no more annoying expiration dates! Rejoice!
Fixed a "Resize Anywhere" bug that caused windows from occasionally continuing to resize after the mouse button had been released. Apparently this fix also eliminated a bug where drawers in windows that had been resized wouldn't always respond correctly to mouse clicks (?)
The "Bring Window To Front" option cannot be disabled for the Resize Anywhere and Drag Anywhere functions if Mouse 1 is used. This is because I haven't figured out a way to prevent Cocoa apps from coming forward when mouse 1 is used to click on a window.
Removed some unneeded console output.
Macromedia Flash 7 apparently doesn't like the Resize Anywhere function, so it this function has been disabled for the app.

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