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YP Waves YP Waves 1.0
YP Waves simulates up to 3 traveling sine waves simultaneously.
Ocean Waves Ocean Waves 1.4
Ocean Waves generates a simulated sound of ocean waves.
Cyber Waves Screensaver Cyber Waves Screensaver 1.6
Cyber Waves is an unique beautiful 3D Screensaver
WaveMaster WaveMaster 1.0
WaveMaster is a program that simulates the interference of sinus waves on the water surface.
Suave&Serifed Suave&Serifed 1.0
Suave&Serifed are iMovie plugin titles with an emphasis on dissolves and fades.
Graph vX Graph vX 1.2
The user-friendly application "Graph vX" makes it possible to display the overlaying oscillation of two sine waves easily.
Relaxing Ocean Relaxing Ocean 3.0.5
Bring the peaceful presence of rolling waves to your desktop in HD Video
3D Ocean Sunset 3D Ocean Sunset 1.0
Realistic images and sounds: ocean waves reflect, setting sun.
Wide Oceans Photo Screensaver Wide Oceans Photo Screensaver 2.0
Relax and enjoy the amazing coasts and ocean waves.
Flight over sea Flight over sea 2.8
Sit back and relax as you fly slowly over the waves on a calm summer day!

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