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Free Sticky Notes (Free Stickies) Free Sticky Notes (Free Stickies) 5.1
FREE Sticky Notes - desktop stickies freeware for Windows. Create, send stickies
Voice Stickies Voice Stickies 1.0.3
nFinity takes desktop stickies to a new level! With just one click of the mouse you create high profile audio stickies.
To-Do Stickies To-Do Stickies 1.3.3
Don't get stuck spinning your wheels while working on projects and brainstorming new ideas.
Stickies Red Stickies Red 1.0
Who needs purple? Red is the new purple! The original Stickies widget has a great color set except for one glaring omission: red! Because the purple ends up looking nearly identical to the pink, I decided to replace it with red.
CocoaStickies CocoaStickies 0.1
CocoaStickies is a small and simple Stickies replacement.
Edgies Edgies 1.1
Edgies is an alternative application for Stickies.
Sticky Spawn Sticky Spawn 1.1
Sure, Apple’s Stickies widget is great, but it’s such a hassle to open a new note.
QuickVoice for Windows QuickVoice for Windows 2.2.0
A feature-rich voice recorder with voice email and voice stickies.
QuickVoice QuickVoice 1.8
Quick-Voice is a feature-rich voice recorder, voice stickies, and voice email application for the Mac.
Floating Notes Floating Notes 1.3
Floating Notes is like Stickies, where it floats on top of all other application windows, allowing you to store text information for quick retrieval.

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