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ReadMeFirst is yet another Mac OS application to create and edit 'Read Me' text files.

License: Freeware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 424K
Developer: Scotland Software
Price: $0.00
Updated: 23 Dec 2005
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ReadMeFirst is yet another Mac OS application to create and edit 'Read Me' text files.

Here are some key features of "ReadMeFirst":
RMF lets you easily edit supposedly 'read-only' SimpleText files (the ones with the newspaper icon). This is very useful for making your own 'Read Me' files. Just open them with RMF, edit them, and save - they'll still be read-only when viewed in SimpleText.
RMF has its own files. It will still happily open your SimpleText files, or any other text files. Files created with RMF can be double-clicked from the Finder to open them in RMF.
RMF will not alter the creator code of your text files. You can still edit your BBEdit, SimpleText etc files with it, and those files will still have their parent app's icon etc. However, you can easily switch between RMF and SimpleText for the creator of any file.
RMF supports drag and drop. Drag files onto the app icon to open them (if they're text files or read-only text files). Drag selected text out of a text window to make a clipping, or to move it into another app. Drag text clippings into a text window to insert their text at the point where you drop them.
RMF supports command-clicking URLs to launch them, if you have Internet Config installed.
RMF supports basic formatting. All your installed fonts are available, as are a range of text sizes. You can also use bold, italic and/or underline.
Basic 'find' feature. Find text in the current text window. Choose to search from the top or from the current selection/insertion point.
Basic 'replace' feature. Replace either the next occurrence of given text, or replace all occurrences in the frontmost window.
Quickly insert the current time, the current date in long or short format, or do a line-count.
New document is made automatically at launch. Hold down the command-key during launch to disable this.
RMF launches faster than SimpleText. Takes up less screen space too.

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