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MediaMaid FM is the only professional media asset management for FileMaker Pro.

License: Demo
OS: Mac OS X
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Developer: End If Software
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Updated: 30 Dec 2005
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MediaMaid FM is the only professional media asset management for FileMaker Pro.

MediaMaid™FM comes with everything that a good asset management needs - plus more. MediaMaid™ FM is developed with and runs under FileMaker® Pro. Its focus lies on the ease of organizating, retrieving and exchanging media files and related data and above all the highest possible customization.

The the power of FileMaker© Pro to manage your images!

Organize your media files
MediaMaid™ FM makes it easy to organize your digital media files with a hierarchical category system, dynamic smart categories, color labels, publish settings and much more.

Retrieve your photos
MediaMaid™ FM particularly takes advantage of the powerful FileMaker® Pro search technology. It offers much more, and especially more customizable search possibilities than probably any other media asset management for OSX.

Extremely exchange friendly
The greatest possible commutability of data is guaranteed by the FileMaker® Pro data format and the great exchange possibilities of FileMaker® Pro: Exchange your data with other FileMaker® Pro local or remote databases, exchange with FileMaker® Pro web databases, XML import/export and SQL import/export as well as publishing as HTML or even FLASH.

Manage meta data
As a matter of course, MediaMaid™ FM reads EXIF shot data and IPTC data. Additionally MediaMaid™ FM helps you editing IPTC data with a filed keyword management and the possibility to use templates for often used IPTC sets.

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