MacCVSClient 1.10 review

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A client for CVS, the open source version control system.

License: GPL
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 563K
Developer: Jorg Bullmann
Price: $0.00
Updated: 10 Aug 2005
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A client for CVS, the open source version control system. It includes a mechanism to ensure conflicts are resolved before committing changes, support for RBL and AppleSingle storge of Mac OS resource files, and more.

The new version adds simplified Import/Export Translator handling, copy/paste and drag-and-drop of textual formats of Translators and Ignore Filters, updated documentation, and other changes. MacCVSClient is free for Mac OS X and Classic Mac OS.

What's New:
NEW: help menu.
NEW: file modification dates are now stored in UTC instead of local time so that daylight savings time switching or time zone changing will not make files appear locally modified
NEW: pserver now uses BSD UNIX style network access. Will this solve problems people have been experiencing when using pserver on a VPN?
NEW: show a warning in the login profile panel when the user chooses to store the password in the preferences.
FIX: when connecting via SSH or using local repositories, MacCVSClient would stop being able to connect to the repository any longer after a fair number of successful connections and an application restart was necessary to get it going again.
FIX: clicking the splash screen window header in OS 10.4.x Tiger would cause MacCVSClient to crash.
FIX: a tiny memory leak.
FIX: in CVS server 1.12.10 (released on 17 Nov 2004), a detail in the client/server protocol has been changed. MacCVSClient is now compatible with this new server too.
FIX: typo in "File Filter Settings" dialog text.
FIX: before a CVS operation, check that not two or more sandbox folders pointing to the same repository folder are being updated. This situation can arise, if a copy of a sandbox folder (or sub folder) is created and kept next to the original when manipulating the sandbox with MacCVSClient.
FIX: during sandbox refresh, occasionally an assertion dialog would pop up when it shouldn't.
FIX: if there was an ignore filter with a file name pattern and a type/creator pair specified and a file in a sandbox folder matched this ignore filter, then all folders immediately following that file in the sandbox list and matching the file name pattern of the ignore filter were ignored (and thus invisible) as well even though they as folders did not match the type/creator pair of the ignore filter.
FIX: when starting local or SSH connections MacCVSClient would sometimes silently and unexpectedly quit. This is hopefully fixed now.
FIX: AppleSingle encoded files used to be artificially limited to a maximum file name length of 31 characters; this limit is now removed.
FIX: "Sandbox/Check Out" got broken in 1.9 (error "cvs [server aborted]: must specify at least one module or directory"). It is back to normal now.
FIX: in case inside a MacCVSClient sandbox there would be a standard-CVS checked out sub-folder somewhere, mayhem would ensue: MacCVSClient wouldn't be able to handle that different file format, get horribly stuck trying to read it anyway and bomb out with an assertion. The situation of a standard-CVS checked out sandbox folder inside a MacCVSClient checked out sandbox is handled gracefully now.
FIX: 'discard local modifications' option for update command would not revert local changes, if there were no repository updates. In other words: the local copy would only be reverted, if there were updates coming from the server.
FIX: Reset Conflict confirmation dialog now has Yes/No (instead of OK/Cancel) buttons which match the way the question is put in the dialog text.
FIX: when screen sizes or positions of multiple screens were changed, sometimes the window position correction (to move window headers into areas of screens where they can be mouse clicked) was not working correctly.
FIX: in the Check Out, Export and Import dialogs a folder can be selected for the local Check Out/Export target or Import source location; MacCVSClient now properly handles the situation where this folder is removed (e.g. from within the Finder) before the actual Check Out/Export/Import.
FIX: in rare situations the sorting direction in sandbox windows would not be rememebered between two invocations of MacCVSClient.
FIX: tuned CVS worker thread switching ('yielding') and GUI updates to speed up CVS operations. In my tests of CVS Check Out operations from a local repository the completion time was reduced by 30 to 40 percent.

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