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Inventory Tracker Plus Inventory Tracker Plus 2.7.9 Business
This easy to use software helps you keep track of products and supplies.
WorshipLeader WorshipLeader 4.9.6 Business
WorshipLeader has been written to aid the process of organising church worship teams and meetings.
Teaching Tools Teaching Tools 1.1 Business
Teaching Tools was created to help those in the Christian ministry with the development of their content for classes, weekly messages, etc.
EuroSwap EuroSwap 1.6.2 Business
EuroSwap is a little tool to do quick conversions between Europen currencies.
QIF Web Extract QIF Web Extract 1.7 Business
QIF Web Extract extracts transactions from brokerage website transaction history pages and converts them into Quicken Interchange Format (QIF).
Stockcomp Stockcomp 1.0 Business
Stockcomp is a simple, yet effective stock market profit / loss calculator that calculates both LONG and SHORT positions, stores equation settings and even retrieves stock quotes from the internet (delayed 15 minutes, internet connection required).
EuroTable EuroTable 3.0b4 Business
EuroTable 2 is an application for easily converting between Euro-Zone currencies and in other most common currencies.
eLoan eLoan 1.1.3 Business
eLoan is a simply finance application that calulcates loan costs based on loan rates and duration.
Phobos Phobos 1.3 Business
Phobos is a financial manager for Mac OS X.
Burn Burn 1.6u Business
With Burn, you can track the cost of your road trip, figure out your weekly coffee bill, and ensure you don't exceed your monthly budget.
Conto Conto 1.2.0 Business
Conto is a simple application that allows you to keep track of your expenses and incomes on a monthly basis.
Loan-U-Later Loan-U-Later 1.3.2 Business
Loan-U-Later is a simple loan calculator that can solve for APR.
Loan Calculator X Loan Calculator X 2.3 Business
Loan Calculator is a simple, easy to use application that computes periodic loan payments on fully amortized loans given the amount borrowed, the interest rate, the length of the loan, and the payment frequency.
My Checkbook Lite My Checkbook Lite 1.8.1 Business
My Checkbook Lite is based on the program My Checkbook, but doesn't have any features but the bare minimum basics.
CellDetail NXTL CellDetail NXTL 2.2 Business
CellDetail NXTL can read, analyze and interpret your bill - showing you your average usage and cost statistics so you can better manage your Nextel account.
Personal Trader Personal Trader 2.1 Business
Personal Trader provides all the tools you need to invest in international markets.
Xelix Xelix RC3 Business
Xelix is an account manager/check book manager that will help you organize and keep track of your personal transactions and your balances of your accounts, it allows you to reconcile the account and insert any number of accounts and any given number or transaction types with custom fields for you to add information and keep track of your bank transactions your way.
QuickPay QuickPay 2.2 Business
QuickPay is an offline solution to handle all payments transactions types with swiss banks QuickPay is available in french, english and german.
QIF Convert QIF Convert 1.12 Business
QIF Convert converts Quicken Interchange Format (QIF) banking or credit card transaction files, adding Quicken categories based on the description of each transaction.
Money Money 2.1 Business
Money is a little and very easy-to-use personal accounting application for home and small business users.
Car Lease Car Lease 1.2.5 Business
Car Lease is an easy-to-use vehicle lease calculator that uses the money factor method to calculate lease payments.
QuickFinance QuickFinance 5.1 Business
QuickFinance helps you to manage your personal finances.
Registry Registry 1.3.7 Business
Registry is a digital checkbook register.
SnailFile SnailFile 0.2 Business
Keep track of your SnailMail receipts and gurantees.
Auctioneer Auctioneer 1.2.2 Business
Auctioneer will help you keep tabs on a collection of ebay items all in one simple window.