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ImageConvert ImageConvert 2.3
Small tool for converting images!
Resolution Calculator Resolution Calculator 2.0
Using Resolution Calculator you can see which resolution you should use in your images for specific screen frequency, pixel dimension of the picture and document size in specific resolution and in any color depth.
The world’s first image viewer that makes use of your vga card's hardware.
SplittingImage SplittingImage 0.9
Almost every picture has some details burried in the high resolution abyss.
PhotoAcute Studio PhotoAcute Studio 3.002
Take better digital photos, reduce noise, increase image quality and resolution.
WinFormResizer for .NET 2.0 WinFormResizer for .NET 2.0 2.0
Quickly and easily add resolution independence to your WinForm 2.0 Applications.
WinFormResizer for .NET 1.1 WinFormResizer for .NET 1.1 2.0
Quickly and easily add resolution independence to your WinForm 1.1 Applications.
GetResFromIRB GetResFromIRB 1.0
GetResFromIRB is a script that reads the hexadecimal data in JPEG images and displays the resolution in the IRB (Image Resource Block) data.
Place and Scale Place and Scale 1.0.3
This InDesign Plug-In will automatically scale any placed bitmap image to match a certain predetermined resolution - so it becomes easy to place a collection of JPEG images from various sources and be sure they all end up with the same effective resolution.
Genuine Fractals Genuine Fractals 4.1
For extraordinary image enlargements, Genuine Fractals enables photographers, graphic artists and digital imaging professionals to create high-quality, print-ready enlargements from image files of any size or resolution.

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