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General Edit Pro 2.

License: Freeware
OS: Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
File size: 1169K
Developer: Quadrivio Corporation
Price: $0.00
Updated: 07 Jul 2005
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General Edit Pro 2.0.1 Update/Upgrade for Mac OS X, free for registered users of 2.0, free trial upgrade for registered users of 1.x versions.

Creates General Edit Pro 2.0.1 from your copy of General Edit Pro 2.0 or 2.0v2. The original file is not modified.

What's New:
Structural changes since 2.0
Java 1.4.2 is now recommended. General Edit 2.0.1 will continue to run if only Java 1.3.1 is available. General Edit 2.0.1 is not compatible with Java 1.4.1; if you have Java 1.4.1 installed, you must update your system to Java 1.4.2 (available via Software Update in System Preferences).
Syntax changes since 2.0
The $selStartB flag can be used to obtain the starting offset of the current selection and $selStartEnd can be used to obtain the ending offset of the current selection. When the selection in one column is changed, the columns to the right of that column will be updated.To demonstrate this and see how it works, put this as the structure for the first column: char...; put this as the structure in the second column: offset({$selStartB + 3}); char3; and paste this as the text in the first column: abc123.............abc456.......................abc789and click to place the cursor at the beginning of the text in the first column. The flag $selStartB represents the latest selection point in the column to the left. Now, whenever you make a selection in the first column, the data displayed in the second column will change accordingly. Use the Find command to search for "abc". As you repeatedly use the Find Next command, you will scan through the data searching for the "abc" flag and display (in column 2) a data structure with an offset relative to the flag.
Miscellaneous changes since 2.0
Mouse scroll wheels are now supported when Java 1.4.2 or later is used: click within the text area of a data column and leave the cursor within this area, and the scroll wheel will scroll the data column.
The Preferences dialog now allows you to choose which version of Java to use; in general, this should just be left at the option labeled “Latest.”

Upgrades are supplied as a service to registered users of General Edit. You must have a commercial version of General Edit to use the updater; it will not work on beta or lite versions.

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