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Beat Direktor Beat Direktor 1.0
Beat Direktor is a widget designed for video artists who work with music on a regular basis.
Beat Widget Beat Widget 3.0
Beat Widget is a small, interent time (aka .
Beat Beat 1.2
Beat X is s simple tool to convert normal time to "Beats" (internet time).
Beatcraft drum machine Beatcraft drum machine 1.02_b19
Make your own sweet beat with easy to use virtual drum machine software
SoundKeyframeTool SoundKeyframeTool 1.0
SoundKeyframeTool gets precise beat timing information for songs and can also be used to mark specific events in a song.
Beat Clock Beat Clock 1.0
Internet time or Beat time is a system developed by Swatch (the watch company) where you devide the day into 1 beats and use these units to messure the passage of time.
Freeware pro pro 1.2.0
mix songs, videos and karaoke using instant beat-matching, loops, effects, etc
BpmChecker BpmChecker 4.0
Determine / find the tempo or BPM of music by tapping. Add bpm to file name.
Beat Making Software Beat Making Software 1.0
Beat Making Software, CHMOD Calculator file permissions helper.
Beat Ball 2 Beat Ball 2 1.2.1
Break-out style game with great graphics, sounds, adv. features & level edit

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