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ArtMatic Pro lets you create incredible pictures, video effects, textures, animation and sound.

License: Demo
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 18865K
Developer: Eric Wenger
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Updated: 09 Nov 2005
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ArtMatic Pro lets you create incredible pictures, video effects, textures, animation and sound. A professional-quality tool that is easy to use, and entertaining to explore.

ArtMatic generates astounding graphics and sound using a tree of tiles that represent graphic functions and filters. Anyone can use ArtMatic.

While ArtMatic makes use of sophisticated mathematical components, you don't need to know anything about mathematics or computer graphics to create beautiful images for your web site, greeting cards, music video or fine art prints.

ArtMatic goes far beyond fractals and has been called fractals on steroids. Each function of the tree can be chosen randomly or user-selected. All tiles have their own settings which can change across keyframes to create belief-defying animation.

Here are some key features of "ArtMatic Pro":
Design exquisite terrains and color textures for ArtMatic Voyager
Create extraordinary digital art
Create high-quality textures and backgrounds
Create special effects and amazing transitions for video and DVD
Design CD covers, cards and flyers
Design killer filters and presets for MetaSynth
Create tiles for web pages
Export textures and terrains maps into Bryce
Explore the beauty of Mathematics.

What's New:
Over 70 new and updated components
New Geographical Clut shader,
Frequency dependent, adaptive-resolution fractal noise functions that provide exquisite detail and resolution,
Multiple gradient support that allows RGB-based ArtMatic systems to use multiple gradients,
Sound input device selection for live audio input,
Improved color resolution that provides smoother gradient transistions,
Countless more improvements and optimizations under the hood.

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