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Anagrams is a fast and friendly anagram generator for the Mac.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 339K
Developer: Andrew Trevorrow
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Updated: 21 Dec 2005
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Anagrams is a fast and friendly anagram generator for the Mac. It is also a handy companion for Scrabble and crossword fans.

The main design goal was to make it fun and easy to find interesting anagrams for any given text.

Here are some key features of "Anagrams":
Various options can restrict the search for usable words and anagrams. For example, you can specify that usable words must have between 3 and 6 letters and any anagrams must have from 2 to 4 words.
While anagrams are being generated you can scroll up and down the list and copy any interesting ones to the Clipboard (for pasting into your text editor). You can also drag anagrams straight into any drag-savvy editor.
The supplied word lists can be modified. The Edit window lets you find, add or delete words. Grep-like patterns can be used to select one or more words;
You can also ask Anagrams to read a given text file and automatically add any new words found; this is very handy for creating a new word list from scratch.
Word lists contain user-definable characters. The default character set includes accented letters and other 8-bit characters used in most languages based on the Roman script.
Save your favorite names and phrases in a "hot text" menu for later recall.
You can build a tree of selected usable words where all paths in the tree are prefixes for potential anagrams. This can be quite useful when finding anagrams for long phrases. Trees can be filed away for later recall.

What's New:
Corrected the size of thumb boxes in proportional scroll bars.
Fixed a bug (only in OS 8/9) that could cause junk in the clipboard after selecting Copy All/Selected Usable Words.

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