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Animated Alphabet for Windows Animated Alphabet for Windows 1.0
Teaches letter sounds with upper and lower case letters, long and short vowels.
Rock, Paper, Cocoa Rock, Paper, Cocoa 1.0
Rock, Paper, Cocoa is the natural progression of Rock, Paper, AppleScript, ? la War to War Extreme.
Crickler Crickler 1.10
Cricklers present daily newspuzzles and crosswords in a new simplified format
Puzzle Plunge 2 Puzzle Plunge 2 1.3
Puzzle Plunge 2  is a puzzle solving game, similar to Wheel of Fortune.
Animated Beginning Phonics Animated Beginning Phonics 1.0
teaches upper/lower case letters, consonant and short vowel sounds and reading.
OttoPhormant OttoPhormant 1.0
OttoPhormant is a wah effect based on morphing formant filters.
Domain Name Finder Domain Name Finder 1.2
Now out of BETA testing for mac version comes Domain Name Finder! What gives this program the edge, is it's ability to search LLL and NNN (combinations) across the popular TLD's with ease of use functions.
Pinyin Font Converter Pinyin Font Converter 1.5.1
The Pinyin Font Converter converts texts between some of the most popular Pinyin fonts that are available for Windows and Macintosh.
Accha Accha 0.1a
Accha is a program intended to help people learn the Hindi alphabet (Devangar).
Crossword Wizard Crossword Wizard 4.1.4
This crossword puzzle program allows you to view and print puzzles with color graphic backgrounds.