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PotDesign PotDesign 1.0
Calculates resistor values for simple (2-element) and complex (3-element) voltage dividers, including potentiometers and rheostats, when given the input voltage and desired output voltage(s).
High Voltage 2 High Voltage 2 1.3.1
High Voltage is a fast paced arcade game, featuring pre-rendered 3D-objects and other graphics in thousands of colors.
CoolBook CoolBook 1.2
CoolBook allows you to monitor CPU frequency, voltage and temperature of your MacBook(pro).
Electrist Electrist 1.34
The Top-Rated Electronic & Electrical Engineering Tool for Palm OS
Battery Meter Battery Meter 2.3
With this gadget you can monitoring your battery remaining, voltage, capacity.
iVolt iVolt 2.0.1
iVolt allows you to enable the on-screen voltage meter on first through third generation iPods.
BatteryMon BatteryMon 2.1.1010
Detailed monitoring and status information about your laptop battery or UPS.
Electronic Electronic 1.31
This program calculates resistor and capacitor values based on a color code.
TextFormation TextFormation 1.1
TextFormation is a free FileMaker Pro plug-in that dynamically transforms text within your FileMaker solutions into easy-to-read presentable formats.
Battorox Battorox 1.8.2
Battorox monitors easy and simple the Battery information in your laptop including its capacity, current capacity, current capacity in percent, cycle count, voltage, amps and the flags.

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