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Lock/Unlock Lock/Unlock 1.0.2
Lock/Unlock is a contextual menu module that allows you to lock and unlock files.
unlock SWF unlock SWF 1.0
unlock SWF is a library to unprotect SWF protected files.
Inside Lock-Unlock Inside Lock-Unlock 1.0
Inside Lock-Unlock is a neat script that locks/unlocks a file or a group of files inside or outside a folder or within nested subfolders.
Keychain Unlock Keychain Unlock 1.0.0
Keychain Unlock is a simple program that will enable the user to quickly unlock the Keychain.
Show / Unlock All Show / Unlock All 1.0
With the Show / Unlock All plugin every unhidden or unlocked object is selected.
Keychain AutoUnlock Keychain AutoUnlock 1.2
Keychain AutoUnlock is a mini-utility that will automatically unlock your keychain on system startup.
LockMeBaby LockMeBaby 1.1
LockMeBaby is a small GUI for "chflags uchg/nouchg" command that actually lock/unlock files.
Lock/Unlock Selection Lock/Unlock Selection 1.0
Lock/Unlock Selection is an AppleScript from the people at Apple that will quickly and easily lock or unlock selected files or folders in the Finder.
XFinderScripts XFinderScripts 1.0
XFinderScripts is a set of 4 Finder droplets built for Mac OS X.
Lock/Unlock Files Lock/Unlock Files 1.0
Lock/Unlock Files are two AppleScript applets allow you to lock/unlock entire folders of files simply by dropping the folders onto the scripts.

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