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Distort & Twist Distort & Twist 1.0
Distort & Twist is an iMovie plug-in that allows you to 'stretch' the four corners of the clip any which way you like.
Twist DJ Twist DJ 1.0
Twist DJ is a program I made for a school function.
Twist Color Twist Color 1.0.1
Twist color is a color effects iMovie plug-in that lets your shift the colors in a clip through 360 degress (this is slightly difficult to explain, because the results are unnatural, strange-looking pictures).
DJ Twist & Burn DJ Twist & Burn 1.27_150
Anyone can mix songs for the perfect dance mix or workout routine!
Mirror Mixup Mirror Mixup 1.18.1
The picture puzzle game with a great new twist and 4 unique game modes !
Explotris Explotris 1.0
Explotris is a block adjusting game with an explosive twist.
The MagicBook The MagicBook 5
The MagicBook is an electronic coloring book with twist! Download a copy today!
The MagicBook Freeware The MagicBook Freeware 4
The MagicBook is a free colouring book with twist! Download a copy today!
SantaSnaps SantaSnaps 1.0.1
SantaSnaps is a clone of Photo Booth lacking most of the actual features, but with a little holiday twist.
Championship Connect 4 Championship Connect 4 1.4.2
Championship Connect Four is a classic game of Connect 4 with a competitive twist.