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ScriptFire FileMaker plug-in ScriptFire FileMaker plug-in 1.0
Script Fire is a powerful tool that lets you trigger and schedule scripts execution from within FileMaker.
MMScript MMScript 1.0
MMScript is a "Mighty Mini" plug-in for triggering and scheduling scripts.
myFMbutler DoScript myFMbutler DoScript 2.01
myFMbutler DoScript is a plug-in that allows you to easily trigger a FileMaker script, e.
SmartVideo SmartVideo 1.0
SmartVideo is a memory based video capture program intended to capture QuickTime movies of short events.
Proxi Proxi 1.3
We are hard at work on a new application designed to give you a greater degree of control over not just your Griffin peripherals, but many of the most popular applications and features of Mac OS X.
R-Mix R-Mix 1.0b
R-Mix is a real-time loop editing tool with some other (remix) functions.
midiStroke midiStroke 1.1
midiStroke allows you to trigger keystrokes in the currently focused application using MIDI note, program and CC messages.
Scenario Scenario 1.03
Scenario is a a script launching utility whichallows the user to trigger AppleScripts when certain events occur.
UltraMouse UltraMouse 7.21
A function-enhancing mouse software to help you every day.
TRIGger mini TRIGger mini 1.2
Displays the “Complete Triangle” figure, whose segments represent the six trigonometric functions (sine, tangent, secant, cosine, cotangent, cosecant) associated with an angle.