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SWF 'n Slide Pro is an extremely easy program to take any digital images and music, and create stunning slide shows in minutes to share with family and friends.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 7911K
Developer: Vertical Moon
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Updated: 06 Dec 2006
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SWF 'n Slide Pro is an extremely easy program to take any digital images and music, and create stunning slide shows in minutes to share with family and friends. Works with all popular file formats for image and audio.

SWF 'n Slide outputs SWF, HTML, Self Executables, and QuickTime movies. Choose from various sophisticated transition effects, special effects, and image filters. Add text for narration and titles. Add audio for background music, sound effects and narration. Add pan/zoom camera effects. Add stylish play controls to control playback of the slide show. Add mouse click events to open URLs, load externs SWF files, or navigate through the slide show. Save settings so you can work on your slide shows later on.

Here are some key features of "SWF n Slide Pro":
Output Macromedia Flash movie files (SWF).Over 97% of all browsers already have the Flash Player installed, so you won't have to worry about your audience being able to view your slide shows.
Output HTML files to quickly generate a web page to show your slide show.
Output self-executable slide show files to run on Macintosh and Windows based computers.
Output QuickTime movie files.
Output Screen Savers (Windows only)
Organize your images and music so you control what plays, when it plays, and for
how long.
Supports BMP, GIF, JPEG, PDF (Mac OS X), Photoshop (PSD), PICT, PNG,
Targa (TGA), TIFF
Supports AIFF, MP3, System 7 Sound (Mac OS 9), Wave (WAV)
Create scrolling strip slide shows
Create scrolling thumbnail slide shows to load external full size versions
Choose to automatically scroll or choose to control the speed and direction via the mouse
Create 3D Album style slide shows
Choose different page styles including Paper, Hard, and Tear
Workspace area to see the actual layout of your slide shows
More advanced text options, including justification and removal effects
Choose from over 150 sophisticated transition effects.
Choose from various special effects such as fireworks, falling snow, and hearts to add on top of your slides.
Resize, crop, rotate, flip, and add special effects to any images in your slide show.
Add pan and zoom camera effects.
Add audio to play in the background while your slide show plays.
Add audio to individual slides to add sound effects, narration or background music.
Add captions with your choice of font, color, and size to narrate your slide show.
Add animated text effects with Text-Osterone (Animated Text Effect Software).
Add playback control buttons to your slide show for pausing/playing the slide show or skipping to slides within the slide show.
Add a preloader to enable smooth playback over the Internet.
Add preloaders created with SWF, Lock & Load (Flash Preloader Creator).
Add mouse click actions to open web pages, load external SWF files, and navigate through the slide show.
Save project files so you can save your work to allow you to make changes to an existing slide show over time.
Produce slide shows at the same quality as other products that output as video, but at a fraction of the required disk space
Deliver your slide shows over the Internet without the long load times associated with video file formats
No fees are required for the Macromedia Flash file format, so you can create unlimited royalty free slide shows.

The trial version will place 'DEMO' in each image and limit the number of slides to 10.

Power PC based Macintosh or later (400 MHz G3 or faster recommended)
SWF 'n Slide: Macintosh OS 9.x, OS X or later (Mac OS X recommended)
SWF 'n Slide Pro: Macintosh OSX or later
64 MB of RAM (128 MB recommended)
At least 50 MB of available hard disk space
Apple CarbonLib 1.6 extension if running Macintosh OS 9.x
Apple QuickTime 4.0 or higher (Choose recommended installation).

What's New:
External images loaded into the Target in Strip shows was not centered
Previous images not being removed when using the Sliding Bars transition
Certain audio files were not being encoded

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