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Plucked String Plucked String 1.0
The Plucked String is a physical modelling string instrument with a warm and pleasant sound, which includes five different string models.
TSOpenFiles TSOpenFiles 1.0
TSOpenFiles is a plugin for the REALbasic development environment.
Picture String Extensions Picture String Extensions 1.0
The Picture String Extensions module extends the Picture and String classes with methods to add converting a picture to or from a string.
StringEncrypt StringEncrypt 1.0
String Encryption and File Encryption for C/C++, Java, C# developers.
Boyer Boyer 1.5
Fast string search (indexOf) using the Boyer-Moore algorithm.
String Class and Array Template String Class and Array Template 1.0.0b1
If you are learning to program in C++ on the Macintosh, String Class and Array Template is a simple string class I put together when I was tutoring someone on C++.
MD5 Com Component MD5 Com Component 1.00
The MD5 Com Component creates an RFC1321 compliant MD5 string
Hex Plugin Hex Plugin 1.1
Hex Plugin for REALbasic 5 and higher is a small plugin with four methods.
DTFindString DTFindString 1.0
DTFindString is a Scripting Addition that allows finding a string in another string with options.
Generate Speakable Time String Generate Speakable Time String 1.0
Generate Speakable Time String is a handler for taking the time and generating a string that you can use with the 'say' command to have it speak the time like so: Twelve Thirty Five AM.