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Mopis Mopis 1.2.2
VST/AU soft synth plugin that does subtractive sounds and sample resynthesis.
Additive Synth Additive Synth 1.1
Additive Synth is a simple synth plug-in, written mainly so I could have something to release the source of.
charlieX MacKey Synth charlieX MacKey Synth 2.1d
charlieX MacKey Synth is a very cool synth with 128 sounds + drums, octave changes and it can be played directly from your computer keys.
Crossfade Loop Synth Crossfade Loop Synth 2.1.4
Crossfade Loop Synth is a simple sample playback synth plug-in.
Sonik Synth Sonik Synth 2.0
Sonik Synth 2 is the ultimate synth workstation, with more synth and workstation instrument sound than any other comparable hardware or software.
Synth Rose Synth Rose 1.0.2
Synth Rose uses algorithms to reproducethe sounds of typical instruments in asimilar way to vintage synthesizers.
SimpleSynth SimpleSynth 0.8
SimpleSynth is a simple soft synth that takes input from a connected MIDI device and can play instruments from Soundfonts and DLS files including Apple's default General MIDI sound set.
Open Tuning Open Tuning 1.5.1
Open Tuning is a Midi utility offering to MIDI and MIDI-fied polyphonic instrument players (such as pianists, guitarists and violinists) the ability to play and explore an unlimited number of virtual tunings without needing to retune their instrument each time.
SoundFont Synth SoundFont Synth 2.2
SoundFont Synth is an Audio Unit plug-in synthesizer which is compatible with most modern music production packages such as Logic 7, Digital Performer, GarageBand etc.
SubsTractor SubsTractor 1.3.0
Free VSTi SubsTractor is created on base of the Propellerhead Reason soft synth.

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