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Likno Web Scroller jQuery Slider Builder Likno Web Scroller jQuery Slider Builder 2.1.148
Rich interface to create any jquery slider/scroller with minimal HTML/CSS code!
Volume Slider Volume Slider 1.2
Volume Slider allows you to control your computer's volume using a slider on a small window that you can place anywhere on your screen.
3D Ball Slider 3D Ball Slider 1.0
3D Ball Slider develops concentration and spatial coordination skills.
Slider Slider 1.1
Slider is a puzzle game, you must guide sliding key blocks to the right goal squares.
Circular Slider Circular Slider 1.3
Circular Slider is an open source Objective-C / Cocoa class that implements a circular angle/distance control.
Gem Slider Deluxe Gem Slider Deluxe 1.0
Solve riddles of the Universe playing awesome gem-sliding game.
Pierre CHATEL Slider Pierre CHATEL Slider 1.3
Slider is an haxie that adds a sliding + fading effect [Preview] when opening or closing any window of a cocoa application.
3D Aqua Slider 3D Aqua Slider 1.4
Plunge into the Waterworld with Gems, Pyramids, great graphic and music
Grade Slider Grade Slider 1.0.1
Grade Slider is a simple application to aid teachers grading by providing a list of calculated percentages.
Gem Slider Gem Slider 3.1
A new improved version of popular puzzle game you like.