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Sigma Launcher Sigma Launcher 1.20.20
Launch your programs, files, and folders with an automatic and customizable menu
Sigma Player Sigma Player 1.0
Multimedia player for mp3, mpge, dvd, features as fullscreen and slow motion
DigiMode Ream DigiMode Ream 2.3.6
Has most features of DigiMode Ream Sigma but comes in smaller download size.
Sigma Chess Sigma Chess 6.1.3
Sigma Chess is one of the best free Mac chess games available to download.
Chak's Temple Chak's Temple 1.0
Chak’s Temple is the best original interpretation of classic arcade genre!
Develve Develve 3.50
Develve Statistical Software Quality Improvement DOE weibull Gauge R&R samplsize
DigiMode Ream Sigma DigiMode Ream Sigma 2.3.2
This shareware program has all the features of all DigiMode freeware programs
Reset Insertion Above (Entourage) Reset Insertion Above (Entourage) 1.0
Reset Insertion Above (Entourage) is a Microsoft Entourage AppleScript which will set the insertion point at the top of any new message window, including replies, notes or any other text window, and leaves two blank lines before the first line of text.
Socket Workbench Socket Workbench 3.1
Socket Workbench is the definitive tool for analysing socket communications.
Web Browser Spell Check Web Browser Spell Check 1.3
Allows webmasters to add a spell checker to text areas of their web sites