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Pure Tone Pure Tone 0.3
Pure Tone creates multichannel audio test files, containing a sine wave on one of the channel.
MultiTone Generator MultiTone Generator 1.4
Multi oscillator function generator for testing, demonstration, effects etc
YP Waves YP Waves 1.0
YP Waves simulates up to 3 traveling sine waves simultaneously.
Harmonix Harmonix 1.1
PhotoShop plug-in for drawing complex wave lines.
OriginalSynth OriginalSynth 1.0.1alpha
OriginalSynth allows users to manipulate a small portion of a sound wave (one 44th approximately or 1/44100 of a second).
Test Tone Generator Test Tone Generator 4.6
Programmable audio function and sound generator for testing, tuning, education
FlexiMusic Generator FlexiMusic Generator June 2002
"FlexiMusic Instrument Player" is a support utility to play encrypted Instrument
AudioTest AudioTest 1.12
AudioTest generates audio test signals and can save audio test signals as AIFF files.
SignalSuite SignalSuite 2.0.7
SignalSuite real time audio signal generator takes advantage of Mac OS X compatible audio hardware to produce white noise, pink noise, or any of several periodic signals.
Tone Generator Tone Generator 3.26
Create audio tones, sweeps or noise waveforms.

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