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DIN Settings Calculator DIN Settings Calculator 1.12
Calculate DIN settings for your ski boots - software for skiers
Scroll Switcher Scroll Switcher 1.0.3
Scroll Switcher is a small utility designed to allow the user to quickly and easily change the scroll arrow configurations in Mac OS X.
iMediaPOLL iMediaPOLL 1.1
Set the look of your poll, and take advantage of many other key features - free.
More Can I Keep It? More Can I Keep It? 1.2.1
More Can I Keep It? is a compatibility tool like Can I Keep It? for the aquarist setting up a community tank.
GoalEnforcer GoalEnforcer 1.7.1
GoalEnforcer - Visual goal setting, task planner and checklist monitor.
PluginPal PluginPal 1.0
PluginPal is a utility that lets you take control of your iMovie plug-ins.
Porportional Resize Porportional Resize 1.0
Porportional Resize is an AppleScript that takes a new width and resizes the selected element to that width, proportionally setting the height or takes a new height and resizes the selected element to that height, proportionally setting the width.
QuickSwitch QuickSwitch 1.0
QuickSwitch, through the startup disk of system environment settings, the starter system (CD and DVD) is application in order to modify setting.
PDF Page Number PDF Page Number 3.0
Add page number to PDF files with customized settings and options
r/w-r/o r/w-r/o 1.0
r/w-r/o is a small AppleScript which flips the type setting of SimpleText files to/from editable/read only.

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