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PDF Server Script PDF Server Script 1.0
Add text and pictures to existing pdf files with the help of a script language.
Hotline Search Utility Hotline Search Utility 1.1
The Hotline Search Utility script uses http://www.
AT&T Kern & Size Script AT&T Kern & Size Script 1.0
This is a script for QuarkXPress that will search every story in a document and alter a certain text string.
script software iSearch script software iSearch 1.2.2
script software iSearch is simply the easiest and fastest way to search for any text in any file on your Mac.
FmPro Script Diff FmPro Script Diff 1.61
FmPro Script Diff - The external script editor for FileMaker Pro.
Cronc Search Expert Cronc Search Expert 1.5
Create a unique search tool for your website, downloaded web pages, CD, DVD etc.
Disk Cat-Search Disk Cat-Search 2.0
Disk Cat-Search is an AppleScript that can be used to catalog and search disks.
GPTEngine GPTEngine 1.2.0
Your search for a "gpt" script is over! The Ultimate "Get Paid To" Solution.
Atrise Everyfind Atrise Everyfind 10.2.0
Javascript-based search engine for Web/HTML/DVD
Sherlock Search Sherlock Search 2.3
Sherlock Search is a small AppleScript that will ask for a search string, display search site options, and systematically seach each search site for your search string.

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