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Java Class Finder Java Class Finder 2.0
Search a class in all JAR/WAR/EAR files that in a selected directory.
ClassFinder ClassFinder 1.0.0
Are you a Java developer who has come across the ClassNotFoundException and aren't sure which jar file is needed to add to the classpath? Let ClassFinder give you a hand.
Custom Calendar Class Custom Calendar Class 2.1
Custom Calendar Class is a Calendar Class for Realbasic.
Class View Class View 1.2.1
Class View is hierarchical class browser for REALbasic Macintosh and Windows developers.
Clean Java Classes Clean Java Classes 1.0
Clean Java Classes removes Java class files '*.
Code39 Class Code39 Class 1.0
Code39 Class allows REALbasic Developers to easily put bar codes into their projects.
MovieGuts MovieGuts 1.6.4
MovieGuts is contains REALbasic plug-ins for manipulating video in applications that you're building.
String Class and Array Template String Class and Array Template 1.0.0b1
If you are learning to program in C++ on the Macintosh, String Class and Array Template is a simple string class I put together when I was tutoring someone on C++.
BBButton Class BBButton Class 1.1
BBButton Class is a REALbasic class that allows creation of pushbuttons like those in Barebones Software's BBEdit and Mailsmith.
WheelScroller Class WheelScroller Class 1.0
WheelScroller is a class wrapper class for Will Cosgrove's CarbonEvents plugin.

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