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Batch Hex Editor Free Batch Hex Editor Free 5.0.28
Replace, insert, delete, hex-edit bytes and bits in multiple files
Openfind Enterprise Search Openfind Enterprise Search 3.0
OES is designed for enterprise intranet heterogenous data search.
Batch File Replace Free Batch File Replace Free 5.0.28
Perform text, RegEx, and binary search and replace operations in multiple files
Copy Cat Copy Cat 3.0
Copy scratched CD's n DVD's
ValueConverter ValueConverter 1.0.3
ValueConverter is a small utility app can convert between various values and number bases that programmers commonly need: - signed long (4 bytes, decimal) - unsigned long (4 bytes, hexadecimal, decimal, octal, binary) - signed short (decimal) - signed byte (decimal) - four-char-code (4 characters, 2 characters, 1 character) - bit field (up to four bytes as checkboxes If you've used Resorcerer's value converter, you should have an idea what this app does.
DeviceIOView DeviceIOView 1.06
Watch the data transfer between a software or service and a device driver.
2Tware Fat32Format 2Tware Fat32Format 1.13
Fat32Format format volume to fat32,support up to 2TB bytes volume
Web Search Bar Web Search Bar 1.10
Search multiple search engines with a single click
CRC Plugin CRC Plugin 1.2
CRC Plugin provides functions to calculate CRCs over a range of bytes in a MemoryBlock, in the MacOS memory space or in a String.
Advanced File Finder Free Advanced File Finder Free 5.0.28
Find, copy, rename files with specific names, properties, text / binary content

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