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Script Editor Script Editor 2.1
Universal, easy-to-use editor for WSF (*.wsf) and scripts (*.vbs, *.js, ...)
Script Merger Script Merger 2.0
Intended for automatic merging of single projects of Sonic Scenarist into one.
ConvertMake ConvertMake 1.0
ConvertMake is developer tool that automates the conversion of makefile or other script-based systems into Project Builder projects.
Message Sender 2 Message Sender 2 2.1
Universal, easy-to-use editor for scripts like VBScript, JScript. Customizable.
Script Promotion Wizard Script Promotion Wizard 2.5
A free script promotion tool
SD - New Script from Selection SD - New Script from Selection 1.0
Select some code in a script window, run the SD - New Script from Selection script from Script Debugger's script palette or menu and it'll make a new script document with your selection as its contents.
F-Script Anywhere F-Script Anywhere 1.1.5
F-Script Anywhere lets you embed a F-Script interpreter in any Cocoa application.
Script Palette Script Palette 1.0.1
Script Palette gives you a floating palette (it can float above any application) with buttons that are actually linked to script files.
ExportCodeForBBS ExportCodeForBBS 1.0
ExportCodeForBBS is a script to be used with Script Debugger 3.
FlightCheck Collect Script FlightCheck Collect Script 1.0
FlightCheck Collect Script is a script for flightchecking a file.

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