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Yahoo Movie Lurker Yahoo Movie Lurker 1.0
Yahoo Movie Lurker is a web page Scraper, meaning that it will "scrape" data from a webpage without having to load the page in a browser.
Screen OCR Screen OCR 18.1
Screen OCR converts anything you can read on your screen into editable text
XScrape XScrape 1.0
XScrape is a free web page spider scraper application that extracts strings base
Snowy: Space Trip Snowy: Space Trip 1.1
Our brave Snowy has to save funny Green Pals from space monsters.
RegeX RegeX 1.5
RegeX is a line-oriented PCRE-compatible regular expression powertool.
Vega Strike Vega Strike 0.4.3
Vega Strike is a 3D OpenGL Action RPG space simulator that allows a player to trade and bounty hunt in the spirit of Elite.
Contact Keeper Contact Keeper 4.3.5
Contact Keeper lets you store as many contacts on your list, or in multiple lists as you'd like! You're also able to store masses of information about an individual.