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CGMail Cleaner CGMail Cleaner 2.0
CGMail Cleaner is a simple utility which helps you make the most of your Communigator mail system.
Document Link Report Document Link Report 1.0
A text file with document image information is saved and automatically updated every time the document is saved.
PrefContainer PrefContainer 1.2.1
PrefContainer is a simple way of containing preferences and having them saved to disk and later retireved.
FlashBack FlashBack 1.5
FlashBack allows you to recreate any document just as it was when it was saved.
Firefox Password Recovery Firefox Password Recovery 5.03
Recover passwords to web sites saved in Firefox Web Browser and Thunderbird
Sanmaxi MSN Password Recovery Sanmaxi MSN Password Recovery 5.0.1
Recover forget lost saved passwords retrieve messenger password for your pc
Oni Savegame Editor Oni Savegame Editor 1.6.2
Oni Saved Game Editor allows you to edit your Oni saved games by modifying your ballistic ammo,energy cells,shots left in your current clip,health,shields andhypos.
Atomic IE Password Recovery Atomic IE Password Recovery 2.00
Recovers passwords saved in all versions of Internet Explorer in a while
syncupX syncupX 1.6.3
syncupX is your easy to use daily backup tool! Want to backup only the purchased songs out of your itunes music library? just create a "saved search" listing all protected AAC files and add this saved search to syncupx via drag&drop or the "add" menue.
myGallery myGallery 1.0
myGallery is a small script saved like a droplet.