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A personal reminder package for Macintosh(tm) computers.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
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Developer: Dave Warker
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Updated: 15 Apr 2005
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A personal reminder package for Macintosh(tm) computers. Reminds you about important events in your life when you start up your Mac and while you work. Features flexible specification for repeating events, extensive control over appearance and low memory requirements. Includes documentation and sample event (occasion) files.

The screen shot on the right should give you an idea of how the Mac OS X version looks (the funky little artifacts are from the JPEG compression.) The colors and fonts are what I am using personally at the moment but you have complete freedom to choose your own favorite combinations.

So what's with the '?' at the end of the name? Well, a long time ago when I first wrote this as a desk accessory I used 'Remember?' as the window title because I thought it looked nice and its kind of stuck since then.

What's New:
Extensive Applescript scripting support including a Scripts menu
Sample scripts to Save/Restore preferences (except Favorite Views)
Contextual (CONTROL-click) menu support
Redesigned Preferences window
Better support for OS X Aqua appearance
Dropped support for Mac OS 8.x (I tried but there were just too many problems)
Many other minor fixes and additions

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