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Redirect for Outlook Redirect for Outlook 1.8
This add-in adds new feature to MS Outlook: Redirect messages by one mouse click
Redirect Edit X (for Entourage X) Redirect Edit X (for Entourage X) 1.1.2
Redirect Edit X (for Entourage X) is a small AppleScript that enables you to edit received messages and redirect them.
Redirect in Segments (Entourage) Redirect in Segments (Entourage) 1.0
Redirect in Segments (Entourage) will break up received messages into smaller segments and redirect them on to an email address which might be that of your Handheld.
Bulk Redirect (Entourage) Bulk Redirect (Entourage) 1.0.1
Bulk Redirect (Entourage) is a small Entourage AppleScript which enables the user to redirect any number of messages all to the same address, complete with attachments.
Third Voice Redirect Action for GoLive Third Voice Redirect Action for GoLive 1.0
Third Voice Redirect Action for GoLive can be used as a Body Action from the Smart tab of the palette (in GoLive 4 and earlier, a Body Action was called an Inline Action and was in the CyberObjects tab of the palette).
Gmailto Gmailto 2
Redirect any mailto: link on the web to your Gmail account.
SoxGate SoxGate 1.0
SoxGate can redirect TCP/IP connections from local machine thru Socks server.
Advanced COM Port Redirector Advanced COM Port Redirector 4.0
COM Port Redirector enables data redirection from one rs232 port to another
OpenDomains OpenDomains 2.0
Easy to become a Free Domain Provider with OpenDomains. Demo
Serial Port Redirector Serial Port Redirector 2.9
Let your serial applications operate via TCP/IP networks

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