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THttpScan THttpScan 4.8
THTTPSCAN VCL component analyses recursively HTML pages and reports web links
Directory Replicator Directory Replicator 2.2.6
Perform directory comparisons. Recursively scans subdirectories.
ImageHound ImageHound 1.0
ImageHound recursively searches web sites, collecting images, movies and other files into organizable folders.
copyFilesRecurseToFolder copyFilesRecurseToFolder 0.2
copyFilesRecurseToFolder copies files located in a folder inclding subfolders into a folder of choice recursively.
Harddisk Search and Stats Harddisk Search and Stats 2.2
Freeware file and disk search engine. Very powerful, many features.
Iterit Iterit 2.0
Iterit is a powerful application which allows the user to explore and analyze the behavior of custom set functions when recursively iterating through them.
Emu Music Player Emu Music Player 1.0.1
Emu Music Player is a QuickTime based application that allows you to either play a single music file at a time, or else it let's you recursively play all the music files within a selected directory.
grepArtee grepArtee 2.0
grepArtee is a graphical user interface for the Unix grep command.
Creator/Type Batch Changer Creator/Type Batch Changer 1.0
The Creator/Type Batch Changer script recursively processes all files nested in a folder or folders dropped on it, changing their types and creators according to criteria you specify.
unlock_files unlock_files 1.2
unlock_files is a simple script that recursively unlocks files in a dropped folder or set of files/folders.