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Quit Anything Quit Anything 2.2
Quit Anything is simple application that can be used to quit processes.
Quit Anything (Classic) Quit Anything (Classic) 1.6.1
Quit Anything is an AppleScript application that can be used to quit processes.
Quit CSM Quit CSM 2.2f1
Quit CSM is a control strip module which lets you quit applications without having to activate them: you can quit a single application, the background applications and all running applications.
Quit Application CM Quit Application CM 1.0
Quit Application CM s a contextual menu plug-in that allows you to quit an open application from its icon in the Finder without switching to the application.
Quit it! Quit it! 1.0
Quit it! is a simple AppleScript application that lets you choose any open application(s) to quit.
Quit Applications Xcod Quit Applications Xcod 1.0
Are your users tired of your installers quitting every running application on their system? Quit Applications Xcod is an external code for VISE installers that does the following: • Quit only those applications that are necessary for your installation to proceed.
finder quit finder quit 1.01
finder quit will fix a problem in MacOS 8 which occasionally occurs after mounting an AppleShare volume.
Quit CMI Quit CMI 1.0
Quit CMI is a Contextual Menu Item that allows you to quit a running application simply by right-clicking your mouse (or control-clicking if you have a one-button mouse), and then picking the application from a list of those currently running.
T-Minus Quit Smoking Countdown T-Minus Quit Smoking Countdown 6.0
T-Minus Quit Smoking Countdown Clock.Now you can "count-up" the time since you q
Daemon Killer Daemon Killer 1.0
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