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DogFight DogFight 3.0
The Enterprise takes on a Bird of Prey in a desktop dogfight.
W?rms of Prey W?rms of Prey 0.4.3
W?rms of Prey is the new and free real-time Worms game for Linux, MacOS X, and Windows similar to Liero, Liero AI, Liero Extreme, Yet Another Liero Clone, NiL, and Wurmz! Here are some key features of "W?rms of Prey": · Multi-player with one player per computer · Completely new graphics · Low bandwidth usage · Different game modes (death match, team play) · Ropes can be attached to any object · Rope can be released · Any number of ropes · Multiple moving goals · Free Linux, Windows and MacOS version under GPL license.
WoP WoP 0.3.2
W?rms of Prey is a multi-player, real-time Worms clone for Linux and Windows similar to Liero, NiL, or Wurmz.
Car Buying Tips Car Buying Tips 1.0
How Savvy Are You at the Art of Buying a Car in this Millenium?
Missionaries and Cannibals Missionaries and Cannibals 1.5.4
Prevent the preachers from the horrible disaster!
Hunting Unlimited 3 Hunting Unlimited 3 1.2
Prepare yourself for the most realistic hunting experience ever!
Lemmings Lemmings 1.4.2a
Lemmings are cute, but not offensively cute little creatures that drop from a trapdoor at the top of the screen.