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DragPathForPascal DragPathForPascal 1.0
Tired of writing down the lengthy paths to files on servers or deep down on your disk? DragPathForPascal gives you the full path to any file or directory.
Restore Paths Restore Paths 1.0b1
Restore paths is a set of two FileMaker Pro databases designed to help fix iTunes Playlists that have lost their track associations.
CopyPaths CopyPaths 1.5
CopyPaths is a lean, robust, and easy to use Contextual Menu Plugin with a single focus: To copy full paths to files in many different formats.
Concatenate Concatenate 12.0
Concatenate is a plugin filter for Adobe Illustrator that connects two or more paths into one continuous path.
Select Open/Closed Paths Select Open/Closed Paths 5.0
Select Open/Closed Paths add two options under "Select" in the Filters menu in Adobe Illustrator 5.
StarCauldron StarCauldron 14.2
StarCauldron is a star design plugin for Adobe Illustrator.
Cutting Tools Cutting Tools 12.0
Cutting Tools is a set of four tools (Hatchet, Saber Saw, Table Saw and Vector Vac) for cutting and cleaning up paths in Adobe Illustrator.
VektorForge_CS VektorForge_CS 1.0
VektorForge is an Adobe Illustrator plugin which allows the user to convert single or multiple one bit (B&W) raster images to illustrator vector path art.
Path Extensions Path Extensions 1.0
This module and attendant modules and classes provide a way for REALbasic 5.
Multi-URL Multi-URL 0.9b
Multi-URL was developed to make the process of building path locations easier.

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