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Dangerous Mines Dangerous Mines 1.0
Minesweeper game with great graphics and new fun features
XMines XMines 2.0
XMines is a Minesweeper clone where your task is to uncover a set of hidden mines.
Ruckus Bucks Dangerous Mines Ruckus Bucks Dangerous Mines 1.0b23
Ruckus Bucks Dangerous Mines - Most everyone has played Minesweeper at some point.
Aqua Mines Aqua Mines 2.1.1
Aqua Mines is an arcade game similar to MineSweeper, where you strategically mark mines with flags while avoiding the mine areas themselves.
Hex Mines Hex Mines 1.11.0
Play the hexagonal minesweeper and clear the minefield!
Minesweeper Variants Minesweeper Variants 1.1.0
Play this minesweeper game with more than 50 variants with different tessellatio
Creepy Mines Creepy Mines 2.5.1
Creepy mines 2 is a not classic brick game, various new elements have been added to make the gameplay amazing.
Mines XP Mines XP 1.0
Multiplayer puzzle game. Play with Friends or against Computer.
MineSweep +2 MineSweep +2 1.6
A perfect clone of the original desktop version plus some other cool features.
Mine Swept Mine Swept 1.46
Mine Swept is your basic game of Minesweeper where you have this field of squares and when you click on one, it will tell you one of two things: that you just revealed a mine (at which point, it's game over) or how many mines surround this particular square.

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