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Newton's Method Newton's Method 1.0
Newton's Method enables you to find the real solutions of f(x) = 0 for a real function f(x).
Escale Escale 1.0.1
Escale is a Newton Connection Utility for MacOS X featuring AddressBook synchronization, Package installation and use of Mac Keyboard to echo letters on the Newton.
NewTen NewTen 1.5.1
NewTen is a Newton MessagePad package installer for Mac OS X computers.
Newton's Aquarium Newton's Aquarium 1.0b2
Newton's Aquarium is an interactive physics package that helps students visualize and understand Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation.
WebCab Functions for .NET WebCab Functions for .NET 2.0
Interpolate functions and solve equations in your .NET, COM, Web Service Apps
WebCab Functions (J2EE Edition) WebCab Functions (J2EE Edition) 2.0
EJB Suite for Interpolating functions and solving equations
Orbit3d Orbit3d 1.0
Orbit3d simulates and displays the motion of bodies in space according to Newton's Laws.
Minspector Minspector 0.0a1
Minspector is a developer tool that helps Newton programmers debug on the run, Mac OS 8-style.
Delivery Delivery 1.0
Delivery is the first Newton Package installer with both Rendez-Vous and AppleTalk.
WebCab Functions (J2SE Edition) WebCab Functions (J2SE Edition) 2.0
Java class library for solving equations and interpolating functions.

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