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AlgART Java Libraries AlgART Java Libraries 1.2
Java libraries for processing arrays and matrices, including image processing
Panoply Panoply 2.1.4
Java application that plots raster images of latitude-longitude gridded data contained within netCDF datasets.
SharpShooter OLAP SharpShooter OLAP 7.3.1
The components pack for pivot tables creation and their graphical representation
Visual SQL-Designer Visual SQL-Designer 4.01
Visual SQL-Designer - for construct sql query on more differ DBMS
Jitter Jitter 1.5.2
Jitter extends the Max/MSP programming environment to support realtime manipulation of video, 3D graphics and other data sets within a unified processing architecture.
pro Fit pro Fit 6.1b3
pro Fit comes with a spreadsheet editor for handling numeric and alphanumeric data sets of millions of rows and columns, a drawing editor for creating high quality graphs and presentations of data and functions, powerful curve fitting and data analysis tools, a built-in Pascal compiler for programming functions and macros, and more.
Omnis Studio Omnis Studio
Omnis Studio is a high-performance visual RAD tool that provides a component-based environment for building ebusiness, database and client/server applications.
Praat Praat
Praat is a computer program with which phoneticians can analyze, synthesize, and manipulate speech and create high-quality pictures for their articles and doctoral theses.
AutoSampler AutoSampler 1.5
AutoSampler is the revolutionary software dedicated to the automatic advanced sampling of hardware and virtual synths.