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Molecular Icons Molecular Icons 1.0
Science is SO IN.
BALLView BALLView 1.1.1
BALL - Biochemical Algorithms.
ChemFinder widget ChemFinder widget 1.0
ChemFinder Finds structure of any highlighted chemical name, CAS Number, molecular formula, or molecular weight Use * for partial names (e.
MoFa MoFa 2.2
MoFa, the Molecular Fragment Miner, is a program that finds automatically molecular substructures and discriminative fragments in a set of molecule descriptions given some user defined parameters.
ChemiKa ChemiKa 3.0
Simple Periodic Table Utility that can be used for general information, projects, flash cards, history and uses of elements, and Molecular Mass Calculator.
iChem iChem 1.3
iChem, written in Cocoa for Mac OS X exclusively, is a full-featured periodic table and molecular weight calculator.
Beware of Molecules Beware of Molecules 4.0
Beware of Molecules is a molecular weight calculator for the rest of us.
Moreau Moreau 1.0
Moreau software can be used as a scientific or educational tool in biochemistry and molecular biology for the simulation of molecular dynamics behavior.
Signature Signature 1.0
Signature is a particle data analysis system for molecular electron microscopy (EM).
Elements Elements 1.6.1
Elements is a cool and searchable periodic table of elements with lots of usefull informations.